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We deliver strategies, actions and results. Well, this is what we do

Scroll down and read all about how we  work. And more importantly, how we can work together.


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We deliver strategies, actions and results. Well, this is what we do

Scroll down and read all about how we  work. And more importantly, how we can work together.

Inclusion is not a trend, it’s a movement.

We are on a mission to make marketing and communication more inclusive, developing strategies for companies that want to lead the way in their industry.

We empower brands that are committed to expand their reach and implement diversity and inclusion in an authentic manner. We amplify voices that are underrepresented and unheard, by including them in our daily strategic and creative processes.

We want to see corporate and creative industries where inclusion is the norm, not the exception.


More often than not, research is insufficiently representative. Ask yourself – how diverse are the people that are questioned and sources that are used today?

We scan your creative messages and communication strategies to provide you with a thorough analysis and specific recommendations to make your plans more inclusive.


Every organization has its own unique DNA. And with that come unique challenges.

By working together and sharing our expertise, we can provide solid and customized advice that suits your needs and goals. We can trigger teams to adopt an inclusive mindset and reach ideas that are beyond their frame of reference.


See our strategies as effective inclusive guides that help you reach whoever you want.

You can’t just wish for a more diverse reach and hope it happens automatically. You’ll need a solid strategy and a plan to get you from A to B. Our strategies are designed to create results that are actually achievable. We don’t promise you the moon and the stars, we deliver realistic strategies and support  you to make it happen.


As a company or brand you’re responsible for delivering your message in a way that resonates with all kinds of people.

No matter what ethnicity, gender identity, age, religion, social status,… they have. We specialize in making sure you marketing is well adjusted to today’s society. Whether it’s a full-blown marketing campaign, an intern employer branding campaign or the launch of a new product. We got you covered.


By sharing our expertise, we trigger teams to adopt an inclusive mindset and think beyond the old stereotypical stories of diversity.

With workshops and seminars, we create the support base that companies need to move towards an inclusive future.

We collect & translate information into insights, strategies and actions.

We have learned how to collect the necessary information and translate it to the right insights and strategies that represent our society. We believe there’s a lot of goodwill and great intentions, but a lack of expertise and know-how. After we’ve entered the building, that excuse is no longer valid. We work with companies, brands and agencies who are ready to adopt an inclusive mindset and implement strategies to translate that mindset into actual results. This expertise, based on years of experience, hundreds of cases and relevant data, is unique and invaluable in today’s society.

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